Interactive development and content production based on cutting edge technologies including mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality, branded games, motion content and web based entertainment.

interactive case studies

mission:   Create a Virtual Reality experience for Chevy at the MLB FanFest during the MLB All Star game weekend in Cincinnati

solution:   Created a fast paced VR game where the user becomes a major league umpire and has to call balls and strikes within a few seconds.


results:   2800 visitors played the game in 4 days.  User data was harvested for Chevy for follow up marketing.


mission:   GM needed to show how OnStar is “Powerful, Simple and Connected” for their presence at the CES in Vegas.

solution:   Created a fully immersive 3D world with a sky full of stars and a high tech light show connecting OnStar satellites and cell towers to GM vehicles equipped with OnStar.


results:   The result was a long line of show visitors using the experience every day of the show and analytics of the user experience for GM.

mission:   The US NAVY needed a new way to engage students on campus to showcase several NAVY technologies

solution:   Created a virtual reality underwater world for a highly entertaining video game experience.


results:   The NAVY STEM mission is now more effective and engaging with an improved, more powerful experience that attracts young adults at NAVY events.

mission:   United States NAVY needed to convert their hard copy Anatomy Study Guide book into a tablet application.


solution:   Utilized state of the art modeling technology to create the entire human body in interactive 3D space to be detailed and explorable.


results:   The result is a powerful app where users can test their knowledge and even record their test scores.  Behavior analytics feed the analytics dashboard.



mission:   Increase Michigan State University social media awareness among the college bound demographic


solution:   Developed the official MSU photo app for custom branded selfies to share instantly across social media.



  • 641,320 Photos taken
  • 72K during "March Madness 2015”
  • 22K the day of the "Sweet 16" game


mission:   Create an interactive mobile app for Henry Ford Health Systems ‘Live Well’ program to fight childhood obesity

solution:   Combined several existing technologies for an app with mini games promoting healthy fun for the child and inclusion for the parent


results:   The self evaluating platform provides real time points for the parent and vital analytics to HFHS for optimization


mission:   BUICK needed a customer engagement experience to engage visitors at their annual appearance at WIRED store in NY.

solution:   Created an original X-BOX Kinect Game where visitors were invited to play on two large screens on either side of a BUICK Verano in the store.


results:   Players register, build an avatar, race the BUICK by using their bodies, receive scores & finish line photos of themselves and post to Facebook all within 5 minutes!

mission:   Expand Fords social media brand awareness within peer to peer networks thru an entertaining mobile app.

solution:   Leveraged new and existing technology to manipulate the phone camera to animate FORD vehicles as talking cars with the users voice.  Videos are shared on social media.

results:   Analytics dashboard is used to optimize effectiveness and allow FORD direct contact with the app users.

mission:   Guitar Hero creator Kai Huang launched BLUE GOJI, a new platform combining exercise with games and technology and was in need of interactive content and games

solution:   Created mobile games and apps that help transform exercise equipment into engaging and fun workouts for Goji Play

results:   Real time calories, distance, time and points captured and shared as users exercise on the Goji Play powered equipment

mission:   FORD was seeking an engaging solution to promote brand awareness for the Transit Connect on site at Auto Shows.

solution:   Users drive the Transit on the iPad.  Functionality is adjustable during play to ‘keep users on the road’ - meaning to limit the turning to avoid wild 360 spins etc.

results:   Activity and points are tracked on analytics dashboard & optimized thru rewards and communication.

mission:   FORD needed an engaging tool to present massive amounts of content to dealers at their annual FORD Dealer Association Meeting.

solution:   Delivered an engaging interactive experience that centralized the content, built brand awareness and tracked user behavior.

results:   This unique app gives each dealer a locally customized experience.  The app delivers dynamic marketing content and materials direct to users with substantially reduced cost.

Advanced analytics permit brands to gauge user interaction within their applications, giving immediate feedback and actionable datasets.  The Dashboard interface enables brands to empower their customers through segmented and optimized marketing, including targeted in-app PUSH notifications and unique content delivery.

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